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Hi there! Welcome to my online resume, this site was built myself, using the knowledge i have pertained over the past years. As i used to make websites for fun, and manage websites as well...

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I am a twenty-three year old male seeking a possible career, and or opportunity to yet better my position in life. If it maybe just learning skills entitled to the job, or an experience i can use in the future to help me better my life. I have had many different areas of the working experience, ranging from Automotive helper to Data Entry, or hard labor to office work if you will. My latest work experience includes Ashley Furniture Home-store for which i held a position of customer service representative. Ashley Furniture Home-store building my person with Customer Service, Phone Etiquette, Customer follow-ups, and etc... Ashley Furniture Home-store was a position that offered out-bound service calls for delivery time-frames, setting up delivery dates, setting up of service technicians, ordering of parts needed for service technicians to install,  processing the exchanges of products with manufacture defects, overall this position held number of responsibilities. I was working two jobs for little over ten months. The CMI Group helped me with bettering my skills within the call center environment. I was responsible for collection of monies with in a set month for set amount. CMI Group had given me permissions to make deals with certain guidelines to follow to help customers solve their debt with the company. Through CMI Group i have obtained exceptional problem solving skills, customer service, and collection experience. Within my Pizza Hut career i obtained skills in the customer service field, money handling, and customer rapport. Pizza Hut allowed me to develop these assets over a long three year period...

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